Meet the Team

Meet Our Valued Team Members

We perform careful background checks on all our bonded, trained caregivers, to ensure the highest level of trustworthiness and safety. We expect only the highest level of care from our employees because we wouldn’t offer you and your loved one anything less.

Christy Haning

Christy Haning has been a Registered Nurse since 2001, but before beginning her journey into nursing school, she spent her time as a pharmacy tech. In 2014, after 13 years of nursing, she found her true niche working with the elderly and those in need of live-in or hospice care. In addition to co-owning Care Big LLC, Christy is also active in her church and community and is a member of the Board of Helping Angels.

At home, Christy and her husband are celebrating 30 years of marriage, and their three daughters and three grandchildren make the celebrations all the sweeter. When she has time for hobbies, Christy loves bowling in women’s and mixed bowling leagues right here in Texas, where she was born and raised.

Stacie Guerrero

Stacie is a proud co-owner of Care Big LLC, where she also serves as the Chief Financial Officer. The company benefits greatly from her 15 years of healthcare administration experience. But that’s not the biggest accomplishment Stacie has to boast about! After 27 years of marriage, her heart is full to overflowing with three wonderful children and one grandchild to spoil.

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